When will Chris Collins be launched? ‘It could possibly be instantly,’ attorneys say | Crime Information

When will Chris Collins be released? 'It could be immediately,' attorneys say | Crime News

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Pensacola Federal Prison Camp, where former MP Chris Collins was detained on October 13. It is a minimal security facility with a variety of amenities including a library, gym and running track.

Jerry Zremski

Former MP Chris Collins could be home by Christmas.

That’s the view of two Buffalo defenders.

After they were pardoned by President Trump, it was up to federal prison to process the records and release Collins, they said.

“It could be right now,” said Paul Cambria. “There’s no real reason you need to hold him.”

“I have little doubt that he will be home for Christmas,” said Barry N. Covert.

Former MP Chris Collins reports to federal prison

His lawyers fought and won three delays in his detention due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but their plea for further delay went nowhere after prosecutors objected.

Typically, someone seeking a presidential pardon will file an application through the Justice Department pardon office. Justice Department rules require the person to wait five years after their release from prison to apply to be able to lead a “responsible, productive, and law-abiding life,” according to the Justice Department website.

But the president doesn’t have to obey these rules.

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“None of this is mandatory,” said Cambria. “The president can do it alone.”

The pardon can be granted at any time before, during, or after a person is charged or convicted of a crime.

“The pardon is very broad in our constitution,” said Covert.


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