What to Know Earlier than You File a Lawsuit for Unintended Spinal Damage 

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If you are complaining about a spinal injury, it’s important to note that these types of injuries often have life-changing effects.

Regardless of how it’s caused, a spine injury can have a devastating impact on your life and family. Not only is it likely that you will experience severe pain and possibly complete or partial loss of use of your limbs, but the cost of medical treatment and rehabilitation can be enormous. If you suffered a spinal injury as a result of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you have the right to file a lawsuit for damages and receive compensation for your economic and non-economic injuries and losses.

Common causes of spinal injuries and likely effects

The damage to the spinal cord can lead to a partial or complete loss of sensation and motor control, according to https://edition.cnn.com. In severe spinal injuries, victims may be paralyzed in the upper, lower or all four limbs. They can also lead to a variety of related problems with body functions, such as difficulty breathing, the ability to maintain proper body temperature, maintain bladder control, or have sexual relations. According to the Phillips Law Offices, which represent clients in cases of spinal injuries, the most common causes of traumatic injury to the spine are accidents, falls, acts of violence, contact sports, and errors in the operation of the back or neck. Look for them below

The basis of a spinal injury lawsuit

Spinal injuries are usually the result of the negligence of another party or organization. For example, a rushed car can hit you while walking, or you can slip and fall on a greasy staircase. In order for you to successfully pursue a damages and damages lawsuit, you must demonstrate that the defendant had a duty of care and their injury led to the accident that caused the injury. If your spine injury is the result of a faulty or poorly designed product, you can sue not only the person or organization responsible for the accident, but also the people responsible for developing, manufacturing and selling the product

What compensation and damages can you claim in cases of spinal injuries?

The aim of a lawsuit is to seek cash rewards to compensate you for the losses you suffered as a result of the injury. In addition to being reimbursed for the actual cost of your treatment, loss of income and expenses, you can also claim damages, which are a monetary reward to get you back to the condition you were in before the accident. If you are complaining about a spinal injury, it’s important to note that these types of injuries often have life-changing effects. This is why you should consider the cost of ongoing treatment, therapy, and rehab, the cost of buying aids such as wheelchairs, and even the cost of making changes to your home such as stair lifts and access ramps.


Proving evidence of negligence that resulted in an accident that caused your spinal injury is not easy, especially as the defendant is trying to prove that he was not to blame or that your own negligence was a factor. A competent lawyer can help you gather enough evidence as well as expert opinions for a successful outcome.


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