Watch now: Macon County’s new state’s legal professional hires his challenger | Authorities & Politics

DECATUR – “If you can’t beat them, join them” isn’t usually a job description for working in the Macon County Attorney’s Office.

But that approach works well for Assistant Macon County Attorney Tammara “Tammy” Wagoner, just hired by Macon County Attorney Scott Rueter.

Rueter, a Republican, defeated Wagoner, his Democratic challenger, in the November election by 29,742 votes to 18,567.

In most races like this it would have been, and both parties would have gone their separate ways. But Rueter made no secret of the fact that he admired Wagoner as a lawyer and with integrity during the election, and he said he wanted her on his team.

Macon County Attorney Tammara “Tammy” Wagoner, left, and Attorney Scott Rueter pose for a photo in front of the statue of a young attorney Abraham Lincoln in the Macon County Courthouse in Decatur. The duo say it won’t be a problem for them to work together even though they stood for top prosecutor in the last election.


“I’ve always said that I have a lot of respect for Tammy’s ability as a prosecutor, and we happen to need a good prosecutor,” said Rueter, 61. “So I hired her.”

The 49-year-old Wagoner said she had no qualms about putting aside her own lofty office ambitions to do a job she was doing for another prosecutor she knew and trusted. But it also knows how unusual it is in the deeply divided political arena of this turbulent and broken year to have rivals willing to work together for the common good.

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