US legal professional’s workplace is investigating my taxes, says Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, World Information

The son of US President-elect Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, said Thursday that the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware is investigating its tax matters. Hunter Biden, often viewed as the “bad boy” of the Biden family, has had a history of drug and alcohol problems and his life has been publicized. Hunter Biden is often targeted by US President Donald Trump and the Republican Party in an attempt to put Joe Biden in a difficult position.

“I take this matter very seriously, but I am confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will show that I have handled my affairs legally and appropriately, with the benefit of professional tax advisors,” Hunter Biden said in a statement.

Hunter said he learned of the investigation Tuesday when prosecutors briefed his attorneys on the investigation.

The transition team for President-elect Joe Biden released a statement Wednesday saying that Biden was “deeply proud of his son who has overcome difficult challenges, including the vicious personal attacks of recent months, to come out stronger”.

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According to a report by CNN, investigators are investigating various questions, including whether Hunter Biden violated tax and money laundering laws while doing business abroad, mainly in China.

During the 2020 US presidential election, Donald Trump asked China to investigate Hunter Biden’s stake in a fund intended to raise Chinese capital. Trump accused Hunter Biden of using his position of influence to secure China’s financial support for its investments.

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