US Lawyer Klaassen pronounces resignation | Nationwide Information

Wyoming United States attorney Mark Klaassen announced his resignation on Wednesday.

Klaassen, who has held the post since 2017, will step down at the end of January. He was nominated by former President Donald Trump in July 2017 and sworn in the following November.

In a press release from the US attorney’s office on Wednesday, he said he would take up a position with the state after his resignation, but without specifying which one.

“It was an honor to serve the people of Wyoming in this role,” Klaassen said in the press release. “I know this office will continue to uphold the high standards of competence, fairness and respect for the rule of law that I inherited when I took over and that I hope to have built upon during my tenure.”

When appointed, Klaassen said he would focus on “reducing violent crime in our neighborhood, curbing the tide of illegal drugs and prescription opioid abuse in our communities, and protecting the most vulnerable in our society from exploitation.” In early 2020, Klaassen was involved in the prosecution of Wyoming’s largest drug bankruptcy to date.

The announcement comes as Trump leaves the White House and President Joe Biden takes office.

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