US Attorneys In Texas Warn Of ‘Vigorous Prosecution’ For Any Violence At State Capitol – CBS Dallas / Fort Value

BEAUMONT, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The U.S. attorneys representing the four districts in Texas announced on Wednesday, January 13th, their intention to pursue crimes committed at the state capitol or otherwise against the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden Violate federal law.

“The first change is a cherished right and tenet of our great nation,” said United States attorney Stephen J. Cox. “Those who intend to commit crimes in the Texas State Capitol rather than protest peacefully can expect law enforcement and prosecution from our office to respond quickly.”

U.S. attorney Cox joins his colleagues – U.S. attorneys Gregg N. Sofer and Ryan K. Patrick, and acting U.S. attorney Prerak Shah from the western, southern, and northern districts of Texas – to warn those who are planning To cross state lines to commit crimes in Texas or the state capitol.

As the top law enforcement officers in each federal district, U.S. attorneys said they would work with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies across the state to aggressively identify crimes that violate federal law.

“There are plans to ensure that anyone arrested for looting, violence or other crimes related to protests or similar events on or about the day of inauguration is processed and held in federal detention pending further criminal proceedings,” the Eastern said District of the US Attorney’s Texas Office said in a press release.

The District of Columbia District Attorney’s Office is pursuing individuals allegedly committed or committed crimes during the riot last Wednesday, January 6th.

The Texas US attorneys will also work with Justice Department officials and necessary law enforcement agencies on these law enforcement efforts.


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