U.S. Legal professional Jeff Jensen pronounces he’s resigning publish | Regulation and order

U.S. Attorney Jeff Jensen announces he’s resigning post | Law and order

Protests took place that day after Stockley was acquitted of the murder of a black man in 2011.

A year later, prosecutors in St. Louis and Washington sued three St. Louis police officers on civil rights charges, accusing them of beating an undercover officer, Luther Hall, who they believed was a protester.

Operation Legend was the latest in a series of initiatives Jensen’s office was involved in to combat violent crime, a vow he took when he first took office.

His office has prosecuted roughly twice as many gun crimes as its predecessor as part of this effort. The cases included carjackings and armed robbery, but consisted mostly of offenders charged with gun possession, drug trafficking and other violent cases.

Jensen also added four prosecutors who work on violent crime and opioid abuse, including Reginald Harris, a federal attorney who grew up in northern St. Louis and is charged with overseeing the Safe Neighborhoods Project, which focuses on gun and gang crime .

Jensen last year appointed four prosecutors in the Missouri Attorney General’s office Eric Schmitt as “special assistants to US attorneys” to help prosecutors deal with violent acts. The program has also expanded to Springfield and Kansas City.

Jensen also supported publicly beneficial efforts to tackle the root causes of crime, including Better Family Life’s quest to intervene in conflict to curb gun violence. He has also expressed his support for programs run by the Urban League and the Fathers & Families Support Center to help parents find work and support their children.


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