Trumps Lawyer Giuliani Says Michigan Courtroom Orders Examination Of 22 Voting Machines


Muhammad Irfan

32 seconds ago

Sa 05 December 2020 | 11:20 am

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – Dec 05, 2020) U.S. President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has alleged a judge in Michigan’s Antrim County ordered the forensic examination of 22 voting machines as Republican officials continue to investigate the results recent US question presidential election.

“BIG GAIN FOR HONEST ELECTIONS. The judge in Antrim County, Michigan ordered a forensic examination of 22 Dominion voting machines. Here the untrustworthy Dominion machine threw 6000 votes from Trump after Biden,” wrote Giuliani on Twitter on Friday evening.

Trump and Giuliani made several allegations of electoral fraud following the November 3 presidential election that US media believes were won by Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

On Friday, U.S. courts in four states – Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin – rejected efforts by the Trump administration and its allies to reverse the voting results. In Nevada, District Judge James Russell wrote that the Trump campaign had failed to provide credible and relevant evidence.

Trump declined on Thursday to comment on whether he still had confidence in Attorney General William Barr after the Justice Department announced that the November 3 vote found no evidence of widespread electoral fraud.


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