Trump Marketing campaign to File One other Lawsuit Difficult Wisconsin Election and Claiming Absentee Voting “Abuse”

Donald Trump; image by Michael Vadon, via Flickr, CC BY 2.0, no changes.

The strangely streamlined lawsuit alleges that Wisconsin’s postal voting was against state law.

The Trump campaign is preparing to file another election lawsuit in Wisconsin.

The lawsuit is expected to be filed early Tuesday, immediately after Wisconsin announced that the partial recount is complete. That recount confirmed President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the state, according to FOX News.

Filing also comes after Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers approves the state’s election results in Biden’s favor.

“Today I did my duty to confirm the November 3rd elections,” Evers said in a statement on Monday. “I would like to thank our state employees, election administrators, and election workers for working tirelessly to ensure a safe, fair, and efficient election. Thank you for all of your good work. “

Interestingly, FOX News notes that the Trump campaign does not, as before, claim that the Commander-in-Chief is being shorted out by dishonest pollers or Democratic officials. In fact, the campaign legal team told FOX that the partial recount of Wisconsin Trump supporters allowed them to spot voting irregularities up close.

“The precise exposure of the abuse of the electoral process in Wisconsin is of tremendous value to this election, apart from a victory for President Trump,” Trump attorney Jim Troupis told FOX. “The fact is, our state’s votes are unlikely to change the overall result.

“Regardless,” said Troupis, “we are showing that the results of these elections should clearly be questioned.”

A 2016 picture of a Dropbox ballot box in Boulder County, Colorado. Image via Wikimedia Commons via Flickr / User: pasa47. (CCA-BY-2.0).

The lawsuit, according to FOX, alleges that the Wisconsin dials have “repeatedly” violated state law. She cites the campaign’s observation of “envelopes with changed absenteeism, lack of required postal voting requests” and claims of “unlimited restriction”.

The campaign also alleged that Wisconsin county employees “illegally” corrected ballots that contained technically incorrect information or that had not been properly completed. Under current national law, such ballot papers should be discarded or returned to their respective senders.

However, critics of the Trump campaign, which has filed dozens of lawsuits in battlefield states, say the president’s allies are trying to disenfranchise voters for the president’s benefit.

Most of the Trump campaign’s previous lawsuits have failed, largely because campaign officials have actually been able to bring evidence of wrongdoing or fraud. Wisconsin attorney general Josh Kaul said the campaign’s recent complaints were akin to the repression of Jim Crow-style voters.

“There is absolutely no basis for claiming that there was widespread electoral fraud that influenced the results,” said Kaul.

“I am confident that this nefarious Jim Crow strategy of mass disenfranchisement will fail,” he added. “A choice is not a gotcha game.”


The Trump campaign to file a lawsuit in Wisconsin alleging postal voting was abused involved 220,000 ballots

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