Trump attorneys shouldn’t have a good time (letter) | Letters To The Editor

On page A6 of February 14, Sunday LNP | LancasterOnline I saw a photo of former President Donald Trump’s attorneys who were acquitted with joy after Trump was acquitted in the impeachment trial of the Senate.

What a joke. Did you honestly think that your presentation in Trump’s defense won over Senate Republicans? I do not think so. Anyone who watched, listened, or read knew that the impeachment managers of the Democratic House had clearly proven their case. Her evidence was both heartbreaking and accurate.

Trump’s lawyers essentially said nothing. Some Republicans didn’t even bother to sit for the testimony. Some read or even put their feet on their desks in the same building where some hid under chairs a month ago, fearful for their lives.

The Democrats knew it would be nearly impossible to get the number of votes required for a conviction.

Those of us who watched on that fateful January 6th saw the unrest, violence and calls for destruction on Trump’s behalf. Many of these rioters have since been arrested and talked about how Trump encouraged them to fight. Some Republicans said the process was unconstitutional. Most Republicans (for reasons I don’t know) are afraid to oppose Trump.

Senator Mitch McConnell did not allow a trial before Trump stepped down and then said it was unconstitutional when the trial was held. He also spoke out against Trump when the vote was over, saying January 6 was Trump’s fault and Trump could still prosecute.

What Trump’s acquittal won wasn’t his defense team. It was the vote of 43 spineless Republicans who failed to keep their oath of office.

Anita Ruff

East Hempfield Township

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