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Last week I told you that Laurel County and the City of London will celebrate our bicentenary in 2025-26. The historical society is hoping to print a book listing the county and city officials appointed and elected as a bicentenary project. We are in the initial stages of searching for the names and service dates of these public figures. Here are incomplete lists for the District Attorney, City Attorney, and Commonwealth Attorney offices. I couldn’t find a list for the last two positions, so they are absolutely inadequate. The position of district attorney was not established until 1829. Before 1829, the Commonwealth Attorney performed the duties. I have no idea when the prosecutor was established.

Laurel County’s attorneys and their approximate terms of office were:


1870-1874 AS Stephens

1874-1878 NB Jones

1878-1882 TJ Cannifax

1882-1886 WT Moren

1886-1887 WB Catch

1888-1890 WL Brown

1890-1894 WT Moren

1895-1897 EK Wilson

1898-1901 James Sparks

1902-1905 Walker Moren

1906-1913 Hiram J. Johnson

1914-1917 JK Lewis

1918-1921 BG Reams

1922-1925 JK Lewis


1930-1933 William A. Hamm

1934-1937 George S. Crawford

1938-1941 Emory Walden

1942-1945 CR Luker Sr.


1950-1953 William A. Hamm

1954-1957 Coleman Moberly




1970-1973 Fredora Pennington Lay

1974-2010 Elmer Cunnagin

Current JL Albright

The City of London attorneys and their approximate tenure were:

1922 Finley Hamilton

1928 WE Begley

? – 1957 Milton Luker

1958 – Jan. 4, 1960 CR Luker, Jr.

Jan. 04, 1960 – Gillis Colson

Jan. 2, 1975 – Jan. 3, 1978 Milton Luker

Jan. 03, 1978 – January 1980 Robert E. Cato

current Larry Bryson

The commonwealth attorneys were:

1826 Thomas Buford

Tom cell phone

Tom Weatherly (?)

Current – Jackie Steele

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