The Suffolk Commonwealth’s Lawyer’s Workplace donates stockings – The Suffolk Information-Herald

The Suffolk Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office donates stockings - The Suffolk News-Herald

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions that keep people apart, outreach initiatives have done their best to keep giving to those in need.

The Suffolk Commonwealth Prosecutor’s Office donated 35 stockings to the Suffolk Salvation Army for distribution to youth or the elderly in need.

“This is part of a lot of other things we do,” said C. Phillips Ferguson, Commonwealth attorney. “It was a great way to give back to those most in need. The stockings bring joy and smiles to young people who do not live in the best of circumstances or the elderly who may not have a family to look after them. “

Ferguson has been donating stockings to the Salvation Army for 20 years. The stockings are filled with puzzles, toys, games, balls, and other goodies for the recipient to enjoy.

“For the past eight years we have tried to increase the number of stockings for the youth,” said Joan Turner, the public relations coordinator. “Last year we made 30 stockings, but this year we gave 35.”

To put these stockings together, all the staff at the Suffolk Commonwealth Law Office come together to fill the stockings. Some take the stockings and fill them, while others donate items or money to buy more items. When the office workers fill their stockings, they are not from the community budget, but are gifts.

“I think everyone in the office is aware of the community and the less fortunate,” Ferguson said. “We try everything to give something positive back. It’s the right thing and shows what we’re about. “

The Suffolk Commonwealth Law Office hosts a wide variety of public relations events throughout the year. In a typical year, the office can host around 130 events. Since many of them are usually face to face, COVID-19 has restricted these activities.

“The stockings are an exception that we can make,” said Ferguson. “We give the stockings to the Salvation Army and they can distribute them and will give them to those who really need it.”


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