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Most people are unfamiliar with business law. And tort law is something that even fewer people would be familiar with as it is doubtful that most people have ever heard of the term tort. While most people don’t need to know what this term means, anyone interested in starting their own business should familiarize themselves with it as it is very important.

In general, a business tort, also known as an economic tort, is intended to protect business and commerce in general. For this reason, it is important for every business owner to know at least the basics of the tort law. For this reason, it is equally important that the owner also have a commercial dispute attorney on hand in the event that they are ever involved in a business crime. The lawyer knows what to do to protect his interests from anyone trying to lower them. If you live in the Orlando area and need the help of a business dispute attorney, visit for the assistance you need.

What is a business tort?

To answer this question, it is better to know what a tort is. A tort is an act that causes harm, injury, suffering, or unfair loss to a person. Tort laws are designed to compensate victims for any loss and to deter the person responsible for harming the victim. Therefore, tort law is intended to protect a company from any damage that it may suffer. Since a company is not a person, the type of harm that can be done to it is vastly different from the harm that a person would suffer.

Business Tort Categories

The following are the seven types of business types.

Excruciating interference with the contract

This is the case when a third party intentionally damages or interferes with the ability of one of the other parties to fulfill their contractual obligations, which ultimately harms the other party financially. An example is when a person forces a contractor not to supply equipment that is critical to running a person’s business. There is also negligent tampering when someone inadvertently harms the relationship between a company and a contractor. An example would be when a driver accidentally causes a truck delivering critical equipment to crash and not be delivered on time.

Excruciating impairment of business relationships

This is the case when someone tries to disrupt business relationships between two parties before entering into a contract. This is to prevent the business owner from developing a relationship with a third party, which in turn could affect the operation of the business. In order for this illegal act to be ascertained, it must be proven that the relationship or the contract would have come about had this third party not intervened.

Hurtful lie

A harmful lie occurs when someone makes a false and malicious statement designed to harm or destroy a company’s reputation.

Fraudulent misrepresentation

This happens when someone intentionally deceives another party in order to gain an advantage or to harm another person’s business.

Negligent misrepresentation

This illicit act is when someone introduces another into a contract by making a false statement. This is not entirely the same as a fraudulent misrepresentation, as the person making the statement may actually have believed they could keep their promise. Negligent misrepresentation is more about one person overestimating their skills than about deliberately misleading another party about those skills.

Unfair competition

When competing companies compete on unequal terms because one company has an unfair advantage and / or the other company has an unfair disadvantage. Unfair competition can also occur when the actions of one of the competitors prevent another company from competing on a level playing field.


This occurs when two or more parties agree to harm another’s business through fraudulent practices. This agreement does not have to be put in writing, it can be made orally or only implied. Nor is it necessary that the conspiracy be successful, only that the parties have consented to the plan to harm another’s business. Indeed, if the conspiracy is successful, the conspiracy charges can be dropped and the accused are charged with the results of their conspiracy.

Let an attorney help you with all business needs

There are many business problems that a company can fall prey to, but luckily there are many safeguards in place to keep companies safe from those who would harm it. A skilled business dispute attorney knows all about tort law and uses that knowledge to protect your business from harm. So make sure you have a commercial dispute attorney on hand to protect your interests.

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