The assembly that passed off with lawyer Nick De Marco that ought to give Newcastle followers hope for 2021

The meeting that took place with lawyer Nick De Marco that should give Newcastle fans hope for 2021

Newcastle United were eliminated from the FA Cup after extra time at the Emirates Stadium.

Despite the trophy waiting period of 52 years, the great hope for 2021 now lies with an interested spectator who was in the stands.

There was no sign of owner Mike Ashley, but in QC Nick De Marco, the legal eagle who has been shown to overturn big football decisions, United fans at least have someone to hang their hat on.

Amazingly, and unsurprisingly, given the length of the takeover saga, some fans still think talk of a revival of the deal is an elaborate cover-up of Newcastle’s missing January window spending.

Yet Ashley plows thousands into the legal challenge to get a ruling from the Premier League and see if the takeover, comprised of Saudi Arabia’s PIF, Amanda Staveley and the Reuben brothers, can be enforced.

Now that the Brexit deal is final, the importance of foreign investment from the Middle East and how the Northeast could benefit greatly from such a move is now heightened.

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De Marco is working around the clock to prepare a solid case for Ashley and he has taken a personal interest in Newcastle for a look under the hood of the club.

At his meeting with Ashley’s closest advisor Justin Barnes and PR man Keith Bishop, a plan of attack was outlined that would bring movement and progress in the first half of the year.

Ashley’s big goal is to close the deal but also to ensure that the Premier League explains to the public exactly why it wasn’t approved or even rejected.

It is believed that Ashley’s lawsuit was about more than just compensation, and that the sums of money put into the case are more than just making a point with the Sports Direct magnate looking to sell the club.

Newcastle are already losing millions in gate money and match day revenue and Ashley was frustrated with the £ 340m sale.

De Marco’s presence in the Emirates has been significant and while the trophy drought continues, Newcastle fans hope that the man leading the prosecution will get bigger and better.

Had the case of Ashley been abandoned, there would be ample justifications for utter fate and darkness.

But the months ahead mean it’s both about eyes and that.


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