County Legal professional Acknowledged for Work on Opioid Settlement | Information

County Attorney Recognized for Work on Opioid Agreement | News

Moore County’s District Attorney Misty Leland’s contributions to ensuring North Carolina, its counties and communities get a fair share of the $ 26 billion national opioid deal has been praised by two state organizations. The 5-5-5 Opioid Settlement Work Group helped draft an allocation agreement that was used to distribute North Carolina’s $ 750 million … Read more

Napa legal professional Mackenzie marks 50 years on the job, together with work on sensational homicide trial of the 70s | Native Information

Napa attorney Mackenzie marks 50 years on the job, including work on sensational murder trial of the 70s | Local News

Williams was convicted. He died in San Quentin prison. “It was a great case for me,” said Mackenzie. “Not a great case for Willie, of course,” but “I’ve met a lot of people, the prosecutor, the judge, the lawyers, and I’ve learned a lot.” Another important case involved director Francis Ford Coppola. Mackenzie represented the … Read more

Distinguished Attorneys Need Giuliani’s Legislation License Suspended Over Trump Work

Prominent Lawyers Want Giuliani’s Law License Suspended Over Trump Work

Dozens of prominent attorneys have signed a formal complaint seeking the suspension of Rudolph W. Giuliani’s bar license – the latest and loudest in a series of calls to reprimand him for his actions as President Donald J. Trump’s personal attorney. The lawyers said Mr Giuliani crossed ethical boundaries in helping Mr Trump prosecute false … Read more

Justices conform to evaluation legality of Medicaid work necessities

Justices agree to review legality of Medicaid work requirements

Posted on Fri, Dec 4th 2020 at 5:39 pm by Amy Howe The Supreme Court announced Friday afternoon that it would weigh the legality of the Trump administration’s approval of Medicaid’s work requirements in Arkansas and New Hampshire. In a brief order, the judges granted a review in Azar v Gresham and Arkansas v Gresham … Read more

Embattled lawyer again at work day after expenses laid

Embattled criminal lawyer Campbell MacCallum has fronted court to represent a client less than 24 hours after he was charged with serious criminal offences.

EMBATTLED criminal defense attorney Campbell MacCallum has taken the court to court to represent a client less than 24 hours after being charged with serious criminal charges. MacCallum, the director of Moloney MacCallum Abdelshahied Lawyers, was charged with money laundering, fraud and drugs by the Crime and Corruption Commission on Wednesday. The charges came after … Read more