‘Dressed like a ninja’ comment lands lawyer in scorching water throughout digital ConCourt listening to

‘Dressed like a ninja’ remark lands attorney in hot water during virtual ConCourt hearing

Durban: A Gauteng attorney was reported to the Legal Professional Council (LPC) after calling a lawyer “dressed like a ninja” during a virtual Concourt hearing on Thursday. The attorney Yasmin Omar von Zehir Omar Attorneys has since been charged with professional misconduct. During the online hearing, attorney Nazreen Bawa SC represented the Women’s Legal Center … Read more

Court docket watchdog calls lawyer charges in Flint water settlement ‘cash seize’

Court watchdog calls attorney fees in Flint water settlement ‘money grab’

FLINT, MI – Just steps outside the courtroom where Flint residents object to the Michigan fairness case, Flint Water, protesters held a press conference to argue that lawyers are taking too much settlement money. Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch President Robert Dorigo Jones organized the rally on July 13 to denounce lawyers representing Flint residents for … Read more

Flint water case towards Snyder ‘a large number,’ former governor’s legal professional says

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FLINT, MI – Flint Water prosecutors have handed over less than a quarter of the documents that make up the criminal case against Rick Snyder and are yet to provide a list of witnesses against the former governor, his attorney says. “This is a mess, Your Honor …” Snyder’s attorney Brian Lennon told Genesee District … Read more

Metropolis of La Crosse hires attorneys to battle water contamination issues on French Island

City of La Crosse hires attorneys to fight water contamination problems on French Island

February 11, 2021, 11:07 p.m. Employees on site Posted: Feb 11, 2021 at 11:07 pm Updated: February 11, 2021, 11:24 p.m. LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WKBT) – The La Crosse Joint Council on Thursday evening approved the hiring of two law firms to represent the city in litigation against chemical companies involved in the PFAS contamination … Read more

Lawyer couple may face £400,000 authorized invoice over ‘few centimetres large’ water stain

Lawyer couple could face £400,000 legal bill over 'few centimetres wide' water stain

A couple of lawyers could lose £ 400,000 for refusing to fund repairs to an allegedly leaky deck estimated at £ 2,200, a court heard. Anthony Orchard QC and Mrs. Jacqueline were entangled in a row with their downstairs neighbor, Helen Orkin, over a water stain on their ceiling “only inches wide”. Ms. Orkin says … Read more

Protection lawyer requires decide to be eliminated in Flint water disaster case

Defense attorney calls for judge to be removed in Flint water crisis case

GENESEE COUNTY, Me. – Defenders on the ongoing Flint water crisis case urge the judge to be removed. The fall of the Flint water crisis could soon be heading in a new direction. Defense lawyers said the judge was not on the case because of his place of residence. Some legal insiders believe moving the … Read more

Flint water case in opposition to ex-Gov. Snyder needs to be tossed, lawyer says

Former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder appears in Genesee County's 67th District Court on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 at a hearing regarding his role in the Flint Water Crisis.  Snyder is charged with two cases of willful breach of duty, one misdemeanor.

Former Governor Rick Snyder’s legal team wants the charges against him to be dismissed last week as part of the Flint water crisis investigation because they were brought in the wrong court. Snyder’s attorney Brian Lennon wrote in a letter to prosecutors Monday that he intended to motion to dismiss the case because the charges … Read more

Attorneys: Ex-governor charged in incorrect county over Flint Water Disaster

Attorneys: Ex-governor charged in wrong county over Flint Water Crisis

by: ED WHITE and DAVID EGGERT Associated Press Posted: Jan 19, 2021 / 8:23 AM EST /. Updated: Jan 19, 2021 / 8:23 am EST Former Governor Rick Snyder remains silent as the media questions the media outside Genesee County Jail in downtown Flint, Michigan following his video indictment on charges related to the Flint … Read more

Flint Council votes to rent personal lawyer, delays choice to settle water disaster instances in opposition to metropolis

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FLINT, MI – The city council is hiring its own attorney to represent it on matters related to the Flint water crisis and will wait before deciding whether to participate in a settlement of residents’ lawsuits against the city, Michigan and others involved. Council members voted 8-1 on Thursday, December 17, to postpone a vote … Read more

Opinion evaluation: Courtroom sides with New Mexico over Texas in interstate water dispute

Case preview: The $124 billion questions – Justices to hear argument in dispute over Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac shareholder suit

The Supreme Court ruled Texas versus New Mexico on Monday and ruled in New Mexico’s favor in an interstate water dispute over the Pecos River. Texas filed the case directly with the Supreme Court, relying on the court’s original jurisdiction in cases where one state is suing another … just as it did on December … Read more