An Legal professional’s View: Social Safety failing COVID-19 lengthy haulers

An Attorney's View: Social Security failing COVID-19 long haulers

There is still a lot that we do not know about what is known as the “long COVID” or “post-COVID-19 syndrome”. As with COVID-19 itself, symptoms vary widely, from shortness of breath and fatigue to permanent kidney and heart damage. While most people recover from COVID-19 in a few days or months, long-distance drivers will … Read more

Christine Dacera’s household seeks extra CCTV footage, video for ‘full view’ —lawyer

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Christine Dacera’s family is asking for more CCTV footage that could shed light on her death at a Makati City hotel on New Year’s Day, the lawyer said Thursday, adding that what is shown in media reports does not provide a full account of the events, it took place. “We are also asking for additional … Read more

A lawyer’s view: ‘ESG ought to pervade the whole lot we do’

A lawyer’s view: ‘ESG should pervade everything we do’

Jeroen Ouwehand leads a recently launched ESG campaign in the law firm and leads a panel that brings together representatives from across the company to “help organizations navigate and drive accelerating global change towards more sustainable businesses and societies”. “There is a reason I chair our ESG [environmental, social, and corporate governance] Board as senior … Read more

Statewide View: Minnesota wants solutions on Ellison’s Bloomberg-funded attorneys

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And Ellison uses lawyers to do this that are funded by a private interest group, the Washington Examiner and others have reported. With no credible evidence, Ellison tries to label the oil and gas company’s scientific inquiry and dialogue about climate change as a deceptive trading practice. In my view, he distorts the law to … Read more