Baltimore’s Board Approves Police Sufferer Settlement

Baltimore's Board Approves Police Victim Settlement

The Board of Estimates approves the settlement for Yusef Smith. The Baltimore Board of Estimates recently approved a $ 100,000 settlement to Yusef Smith, who was serving time behind bars on the basis of false statements made by Officer Michael O’Sullivan. The board unanimously voted in favor of the deal but tried unsuccessfully to withdraw … Read more

Ahmaud Arbery case: Attorneys for McMichaels don’t desire Arbery known as ‘sufferer’ in court docket

Ahmaud Arbery case: Attorneys for McMichaels don't want Arbery called 'victim' in court

“Due process requires the minimal introduction of error or prejudice into this process. The use of terms such as” victim “allows the focus to shift to the accused rather than sticking to evidence of every element of the crimes charged,” wrote the attorneys in a motion filed December 30th. Another motion tells the court to … Read more