Atlanta US lawyer Byung ‘BJay’ Pak, who give up amid Trump’s assaults, to talk to Senate Judiciary Committee

Atlanta US attorney Byung 'BJay' Pak, who quit amid Trump's attacks, to speak to Senate Judiciary Committee

The circumstances surrounding Pak’s departure are among the lingering mysteries of these chaotic events in early January. There are some indications that he was ousted from the White House for refusing to pursue the false claims of electoral fraud that were pushing Trump in Georgia as congressional confirmation of the election drew near. After Pak’s … Read more

Democrats demand testimony from Trump’s attorneys common as media executives search solutions

Democrats demand testimony from Trump's attorneys general as media executives seek answers

“What the government has done, the Justice Department, the leadership of the former president, even goes beyond Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon had a list of enemies. This is about undermining the rule of law,” the California Democrat told Dana Bash. Pelosi said that at least former attorneys general William Barr and Jeff Sessions need to … Read more

SNL skewers Trump’s impeachment attorneys in new chilly open

Framed by an episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the new SNL mocked the presenter of Fox News as well as Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, Tex Cruz and Mitch McConnell

Saturday Night Live targeted Donald Trump’s defense team and taunted attorneys after receiving an acquittal in the Senate for incitement to riot. After avoiding poking fun at President Joe Biden since inauguration day, Saturday’s Cold Open followed the trend, targeting only Republicans in an impeachment-focused sketch. Framed by an episode by Tucker Carlson Tonight, the … Read more

Trump’s attorneys present video footage of Democrats utilizing ‘struggle’ of their interviews

Trump's attorneys show video footage of Democrats using 'fight' in their interviews

Former US President Donald Trump’s attorneys showed videotaping of Democrats using the word “fight” in their rallies and interviews as they tried to stand up for the Senate Republican leader on Friday. Trump is accused of instigating a violent mob on Jan. 6 that led to the riot in the Capitol Hill building. During the … Read more

Trump’s Choice Not To Testify Might Be Cited As Proof Of His Guilt – Thelegaltorts

Trump’s Decision Not To Testify May Be Cited As Evidence Of His Guilt – JONATHAN TURLEY

Presidents have not testified in impeachment proceedings in the past. One reason for this is that so far only seated presidents have been charged and the presidents have opposed the prospect of being examined by the legislature as head of the executive branch. Furthermore, it was likely viewed as unworthy and frankly too risky. In … Read more

Trump’s attorneys say he received’t testify at impeachment trial

Trump’s attorneys say he won’t testify at impeachment trial

Washington – The lawyers representing President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial against the Senate said Thursday he would not testify next week and rejected House Democrats’ demands for his testimony as a “PR stunt”. Congressman Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Democrat and chief impeachment head of the House of Representatives, sent a letter to Mr. … Read more

Home Impeachment Managers and Trump’s Protection Attorneys File their Impeachment Trial Briefs –

The First Amendment Doesn’t Protect Trump Against Impeachment for his Role in Inciting the Assault on the Capitol –

This morning, both the House impeachment managers and Donald Trump’s defense attorneys filed their respective lawsuits. The House Briefing can be found here and the Defense Briefing here. The House Brief is an impressive and thorough analysis of both the facts that led to the January 6th attack on the Capitol and the various legal … Read more

Trump’s authorized positions will check Biden’s performing solicitor common

Trump’s legal positions will test Biden’s acting solicitor general

SCOTUS focus By Kalvis Golde and James Romoser on January 28, 2021 at 4:32 pm Elizabeth Prelogar, who will lead the Attorney General’s office under the administration of Biden, has fought in court during her previous role in the office (Art Lien). “We haven’t changed positions in a single case. Not one. “ Such was … Read more

One other Columbia legal professional becoming a member of Trump’s impeachment protection workforce | Columbia Information

Another Columbia attorney joining Trump's impeachment defense team | Columbia News

COLOMBIA – A second lawyer from Colombia joins former President Donald Trump’s impeachment team. Like Trump’s senior attorney Butch Bowers announced last week, Deborah Barbier runs her own small law firm. Trump has problems hiring legal aid because larger law firms refuse to participate in the impeachment, national reports said. Barbier’s appointment was announced Monday … Read more

Trump’s Ultimate Pardon Listing Gives A Telling Reflection On His Legacy – Thelegaltorts

Democratic Leaders Suggest A Dim Future For Biden-Related Investigations – JONATHAN TURLEY

“I can apologize for all mistakes except my own.” These words from Cato of Elder have long been the leitmotif of presidents who have resisted the temptation to apologize for themselves. There has been plenty of abuse of that power, but that is a shame the presidents have spared the country. Despite the predictions of … Read more