California Tosses Lawsuit Searching for to Give Rideshare, Gig Drivers Extra Advantages

Massachusetts High Court Says Uber Cannot Force Customers into Arbitration

The lawsuit challenged Proposition 22, a controversial referendum that allows riders to refuse to offer more benefits to off-the-road contractors. The California Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the results of a referendum that allowed riders and delivery drivers to remain independent contractors. The judges, according to The Associated Press, declined to hear … Read more

Massachusetts Supreme Courtroom Tosses Jail Divestment Lawsuit Towards Harvard

Massachusetts Supreme Court Tosses Prison Divestment Lawsuit Against Harvard

The Supreme Court stated that just because plaintiffs donated to Harvard’s Foundation did not mean they were willing to question the use of the funds. A Massachusetts judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Harvard University students and graduates who urged the school to invest in for-profit prison societies. According to The Harvard Crimson, the … Read more

Decide Tosses Weird Gohmert Lawsuit In opposition to V.P. Pence

Judge Tosses Bizarre Gohmert Lawsuit Against V.P. Pence

With the lawsuit against Pence, Gohmert hoped to give the vice president the power to cast the votes of the electoral college at its own discretion. A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against Vice President Mike Pence filed by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-AZ) and several Arizona Republicans late last month. According to CNN, Judge Jeremy … Read more

Federal Decide Tosses Apart Judicial Restraint In Public Interview – Thelegaltorts

Federal Judge Tosses Aside Judicial Restraint In Public Interview – JONATHAN TURLEY

President Donald Trump has been criticized by Democrats and Republicans alike for his recent pardon, including corrupt ex-Congressmen and the father of Jared Kushner. I was one of those people who immediately criticized these pardons as manifestly unjustified and harmful to our legal system. However, none of this makes the comments made by senior U.S. … Read more

Opinion evaluation: Court docket tosses problem to Trump’s plan to exclude unauthorized immigrants from congressional reapportionment

Argument analysis: Justices seem inclined to put off ruling on merits of Trump’s plan for census data

Posted on December 18, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. by Amy Howe The Supreme Court ruled Friday that it was too early to clarify the legality of the Trump administration’s plan to exclude people who are illegally in the country from the state breakdown used for the House seat distribution. The decision ends, at least temporarily, … Read more