Governor names Paducah legal professional to Supreme Courtroom | Information

Governor names Paducah attorney to Supreme Court | News

A Paducah criminal defense attorney has been appointed special judge on the Kentucky Supreme Court. Governor Andy Beshear on Friday appointed Emily Roark, a partner at the Bryant Law Center in Paducah, to represent the 1st Supreme Court District on an upcoming case. Roark told The Sun it was an honor to sit on the … Read more

Miami Gardens pastor, attorneys ordered to pay WPLG-TV $70,000+; Florida Supreme Court docket refuses to listen to pastor’s case

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MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Florida. – The state Supreme Court officially declined to hear the case of a Miami Gardens pastor who filed a $ 50 million lawsuit against WPLG, but it’s not over yet. The pastor and his attorneys were asked to pay more than $ 70,000 to Local 10 News after Eric Readon lost his … Read more

California Supreme Court docket guidelines prisoners entitled to attorneys in homicide case challenges

California Supreme Court rules prisoners entitled to attorneys in murder case challenges

SAN FRANCISCO – California prisoners are entitled to a lawyer when challenging their convictions for murders committed by others, the state Supreme Court ruled Monday. The court’s ruling means hundreds of inmates who want to use a two-year-old law to battle their convictions have the right to use court-appointed attorneys to represent their cases, the … Read more

State Supreme Courtroom: GOP legislators can rent personal attorneys forward of limiting | Nationwide Information

State Supreme Court: GOP legislators can hire private attorneys ahead of restricting | National News

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has temporarily blocked a lower court order preventing Republican lawmakers from hiring private attorneys before the next round of reallocation. The judges also approved an expedited appeal against the decision of Dane County Circuit Court Judge Stephen Ehlke in April when he ruled that lawmakers cannot hire outside lawyers until a … Read more

North Carolina Attorneys React To Supreme Courtroom Ruling Towards Immigrants With Short-term Standing | WFAE 90.7

North Carolina Attorneys React To Supreme Court Ruling Against Immigrants With Temporary Status | WFAE 90.7

A unanimous ruling by the US Supreme Court on Monday affects thousands of North Carolina immigrants who have been granted temporary protection status. The Supreme Court ruled that those who entered the country illegally and were later granted temporary protection status, often referred to as TPS, are not eligible to apply for permanent residence. About … Read more

State attorneys normal take EPA case to Supreme Courtroom | Information

State attorneys general take EPA case to Supreme Court | News

CHARLESTON – A coalition of attorneys general from across the country, including Patrick Morrisey of West Virginia AG, has asked the US Supreme Court to approve an appeals court ruling related to the EPA and its power to “decarbonize virtually everyone Sectors “cancel the economy …” Morrisey announced the motion Thursday, calling on the High … Read more

Grand Rapids legal professional talks about first 4 months as justice on the Michigan Supreme Court docket

Grand Rapids attorney talks about first four months as justice on the Michigan Supreme Court

LANSING, me. – For the fourth time in the state’s history, the Michigan Supreme Court has a female majority. One of these recently sworn women is from West Michigan. There are seven Michigan Supreme Court justices, four of whom are women. I sat down with Grand Rapids’ newly elected Judge Elizabeth Welch to brief her … Read more

Supreme Court docket Dismisses Key Argument in Holocaust Artwork Seizures Lawsuit

US Supreme Court building; image by Mark Thomas, via

The Supreme Court ruled against the descendants of Holocaust victims whose ancestors were forced to sell valuable works of art to Nazi officials for a fraction of their real value. Under normal circumstances, individuals cannot sue foreign states in a national court. According to CNN, the judges found that the plaintiffs’ claim did not meet … Read more

Supreme Court docket Removes Border Wall Case From its Oral Argument Calendar –

How Biden Can Terminate Trump’s Border Wall Project – And Save Money and Protect Property Rights in the Process –

Yesterday the Supreme Court removed Biden v Sierra Club (formerly known as Trump v Sierra Club) from its oral hearing calendar. This move likely ends the lengthy legal battle over the legality of former President Donald Trump’s diversion of various military construction funds to build his border wall. The court took this step at the … Read more