County attorneys argue Vanessa Bryant has no foundation to sue over sharing of pictures from the Kobe Bryant crash scene – Each day Information

County attorneys argue Vanessa Bryant has no basis to sue over sharing of photos from the Kobe Bryant crash scene – Daily News

BY FRED SHUSTER LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles county attorneys claim Vanessa Bryant has no legal basis to sue four sheriff MPs for allegedly sharing unauthorized photos taken at the site of the helicopter crash of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven more people were killed. Bryant alleges in her lawsuit that MPs responding to … Read more

Dad and mom of “Severely Autistic” Louisiana Teen Sue Jefferson Parish Sheriff, Deputies for Son’s Loss of life

Image of a Police Officer

MPs knew this was a “severely autistic” teenager, but decided to hold the youth back by sitting on his back and holding him in a stranglehold and eventually killing him. The parents of a “severely autistic teenager” who died last year have filed a federal lawsuit against Sheriff’s MPs in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. According to … Read more

Arkansas Bars Sue Over Coronavirus Curfew

A dozen pint glasses, each filled with a different style or color of beer, sit in two rows on a restaurant table.

At least 20 bars in Arkansas have filed lawsuits against the state claiming a recent curfew is discriminating against their businesses. The lawsuit, says The Fayetteville Flyer, was registered in Pulaski County last week. The complaint, filed by Little Rock attorney Gary Barnett, accuses the Arkansas authorities of “acting arbitrarily” to issue an order requiring … Read more

Can I Sue My Employer for Inflicting Emotional Misery?

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If you are a victim of emotional distress in your workplace, reach out to experienced lawyers and take legal action against your employer today. Are you a victim of your employer’s outrageous behavior in your workplace? According to, even a seemingly safe workplace can be dangerous enough if someone is regularly exposed to mental … Read more

Choose Says College students Can Sue College of Kentucky for Extra Coronavirus Refunds

Judge Says Students Can Sue University of Kentucky for More Coronavirus Refunds

A judge in Kentucky has ruled that a lawsuit against the University of Kentucky, in which students forced to leave campus amid the coronavirus pandemic, will be reimbursed, may continue. Wednesday’s decision was made by Judge Philip Shepherd of Franklin County Circuit Court. In his ruling, Shepherd said claims for refunds of around $ 20 … Read more

Can I Sue My Employer For Negligence?

Can I sue my employer for negligence

Nachdem Sie in einen vermeidbaren Unfall verwickelt waren oder eine schwere Verletzung bei der Arbeit erlitten haben, die von Ihrem Arbeitgeber nicht gut behandelt wurde, fragen Sie sich möglicherweise, was Ihre Rechte sind und wie Sie vorankommen sollten. In kleineren Fällen werden Verletzungen am Arbeitsplatz in der Regel intern behoben, entweder durch die Personalabteilung des … Read more

Texas Father and Son Sue Keller Police Division for Extreme Drive

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Marco Puente says he was sprayed with pepper spray and arrested for filming a potentially racist traffic obstruction for his own son. Two Texan men are suing Keller Police Department for excessive violence. According to the New York Times, the lawsuit was filed by Marco and Dillon Puente, Hispanic residents of the mostly white basement … Read more

Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert Requested V.P. Pence for Permission to Sue Him

Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert Asked V.P. Pence for Permission to Sue Him

MP Gohmert tries to force Pence to exercise an uncertain authority to overturn votes. Texas MP Louie Gohmert tried to convince Vice President Mike Pence to abuse his power and devalue democratic votes in the electoral college. KLTV reports that Gohmert’s original plan was revealed at a hearing in late December. Gohmert, a Republican representative … Read more