County legal professional responds to incident between Hesston principal, college students

County attorney responds to incident between Hesston principal, students

NEWTON, Kan. (KSNW) – The Harvey County Attorney’s Office investigated an incident last September that sparked much controversy in Hesston. Today he gave his opinion on the matter. District Attorney Jason Lane said Tyler Rhodes threw a baseball bat at a moving vehicle in a residential area on Sept. 27. Rhodes is the headmaster of … Read more

College students Are Dealing with Trials Or Removals Over Political Views – Thelegaltorts

Students Are Facing Trials Or Removals Over Political Views – JONATHAN TURLEY

In his dissent in Olmstead versus United States, 277 US 438 (1928), Justice Louis Brandeis famously wrote: “Our government is the powerful, omnipresent teacher. For better or for worse, it teaches all the people by example. “While this observation concerns government criminal misconduct, it seems particularly appropriate today in our locations where impeachments and deportations … Read more

Harvard School and College students Search Revocation Of Levels For Trump Officers and Allies – Thelegaltorts

Sunstein Calls For Broader Use Of Defamation Lawsuit To Curtail “Fake News” – JONATHAN TURLEY

There is a construction campaign going on at Harvard to lift the degrees of Trump officials and allies, including White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX). This is not the only such effort to get revenge on Trump blacklisted to harassment campaign officials. In fact, there was … Read more

Liberty College Sues Virginia for Chopping Assist to On-line College students

Liberty University Sues Virginia for Cutting Aid to Online Students

The university objects to a recent amendment to the Virginia state budget that prohibits online students from receiving a tuition scholarship. Liberty University has filed a lawsuit against Virginia alleging its students were wrongly excluded from receiving government grants. WSLS reports that Liberty filed its complaint after reviewing Virginia’s 2020 operating budget. The budget effectively … Read more

Choose Says College students Can Sue College of Kentucky for Extra Coronavirus Refunds

Judge Says Students Can Sue University of Kentucky for More Coronavirus Refunds

A judge in Kentucky has ruled that a lawsuit against the University of Kentucky, in which students forced to leave campus amid the coronavirus pandemic, will be reimbursed, may continue. Wednesday’s decision was made by Judge Philip Shepherd of Franklin County Circuit Court. In his ruling, Shepherd said claims for refunds of around $ 20 … Read more

Boston School college students, alumni take fossil gas funding battle to state lawyer common

Boston College students, alumni take fossil fuel investment battle to state attorney general

Boston College students and alumni have been pushing the Roman Catholic institution to move away from fossil fuels for nearly a decade. On Tuesday they took their fight to the legal arena. A group of Boston College alumni, politicians, and academics filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Attorney General, arguing that the Boston College trustees … Read more

Did a Brevard County Particular Training Trainer Abuse College students? One Lawsuit Thinks So.

Classroom with teacher at front; image by NeONBRAND, via

A Brevard County special education teacher was recently targeted in a lawsuit alleging he taught five students with special needs. When parents bring their children to school, there is some expectation that their children will be well looked after and cared for. The last thing many parents think about is that one of their children’s … Read more

Province asks junior Crown attorneys, articling college students to do contact tracing

Province asks junior Crown attorneys, articling students to do contact tracing

According to CBC News, the Manitoba government has asked junior crown attorneys, judicial assistance staff, and students to agree to be reassigned to the contact tracing. Sources said staff have been asked to volunteer to help with the province’s pandemic response, but details of what roles judicial staff will play are not entirely clear. A … Read more