Coronavirus: U.S. physician who allegedly stole vaccine was making an attempt to make use of leftover doses, lawyer says

Coronavirus: U.S. doctor who allegedly stole vaccine was trying to use leftover doses, attorney says

A Texan public health doctor charged with stealing a vial of Covid-19 vaccine tried to use leftover doses so they wouldn’t go to waste, his lawyer said Jan. 22. Dr. Hasan Gokal has been charged with theft by an officer, an offense punishable by up to a year in prison and a fine of $ … Read more

Girl Who Stole Pelosi’s Laptop computer Might Have Tried To Promote It To The Russians – Thelegaltorts

Woman Who Stole Pelosi’s Laptop May Have Tried To Sell It To The Russians – JONATHAN TURLEY

Photo: Dauphin County Prison. Some of the crimes committed in the Capitol riot are truly breathtaking. One of them was the alleged theft of spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) Laptop. That in itself is exceptional, but now federal officials claim Riley June Williams not only took the laptop but tried to sell it to the Russians. … Read more

How The Briefing Schedule Stole Christmas! –

How The Briefing Schedule Stole Christmas! –

On December 3, hours after the court’s GVR-Harvest Rock, the governor of California implemented a new framework that would allow for a total ban on indoor worship. With three weeks until Christmas, the district courts and the ninth circle could decide these cases immediately and swiftly before December 25 – especially after another committee of … Read more

DoorDash Will Pay D.C. $2.5 Million to Settle Claims the Firm Stole Staff’ Ideas

DoorDash Will Pay D.C. $2.5 Million to Settle Claims the Company Stole Workers' Tips

DoorDash categorically denied the allegations but changed its policy in September 2019 to ensure its employees receive the tips consumers believed paid. DoorDash, a grocery delivery application, is paying $ 2.5 million to settle claims that it stole worker tips in Washington, DC The lawsuit against DoorDash was filed in November 2019, according to the … Read more