North Carolina Attorneys React To Supreme Courtroom Ruling Towards Immigrants With Short-term Standing | WFAE 90.7

North Carolina Attorneys React To Supreme Court Ruling Against Immigrants With Temporary Status | WFAE 90.7

A unanimous ruling by the US Supreme Court on Monday affects thousands of North Carolina immigrants who have been granted temporary protection status. The Supreme Court ruled that those who entered the country illegally and were later granted temporary protection status, often referred to as TPS, are not eligible to apply for permanent residence. About … Read more

Biden’s Lawyer Normal Decide on Hashish: Standing Unknown

Biden's Attorney General Pick on Cannabis: Status Unknown

We have a long history here on the law Law Blog analyzing the movements of the federal government and especially the Ministry of Justice (DOJ) when it comes to federal enforcement of the Federal Regulated Substances Act (CSA). Over the years we’ve really focused on the acting US attorney general and how he treats state … Read more

McGill Pupil Search To Strip Professor Of Emeritus Standing – Thelegaltorts

McGill Student Seek To Strip Professor Of Emeritus Status – JONATHAN TURLEY

McGill University in Montreal is the newest school to face an attack on free speech and academic freedom. We have made efforts to fire professors who hold opposing views on police abuse or the Black Lives Matter organization. At McGill, eight groups of students went on. They want to revoke the retired professor’s emeritus status … Read more

Lawsuit Difficult California Hashish Deliveries Dismissed, However Standing Quo Stays

california cannabis delivery fresno

On November 17, 2020, the Fresno District Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit filed by 24 California cities to invalidate state cannabis regulations that allow the supply of cannabis to customers in jurisdictions where commercial cannabis activities are in Retail are prohibited. Many players and the media in the industry are touting the layoff as a … Read more