Montgomery County District Lawyer Kevin Steele to guide statewide D.A. group | Native Information

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele to lead statewide D.A. group | Local News

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association announced that Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele has been elected President of the association following the untimely death of Washington County Attorney Gene Vittone. Vittone, 61, died on August 21 after a battle with lung cancer. In July he was elected president of the nationwide group. Steele, … Read more

Statewide View: Minnesota wants solutions on Ellison’s Bloomberg-funded attorneys

Doug Wardlow

And Ellison uses lawyers to do this that are funded by a private interest group, the Washington Examiner and others have reported. With no credible evidence, Ellison tries to label the oil and gas company’s scientific inquiry and dialogue about climate change as a deceptive trading practice. In my view, he distorts the law to … Read more