In sworn assertion, a San Diego metropolis legal professional says lawyer threatened him over testimony

In sworn statement, a San Diego city attorney says lawyer threatened him over testimony

The law firm that represents the city of San Diego in two high profile lawsuits is the subject of a new allegation that one of its partners threatened personal and professional harm with a witness in a civil lawsuit if he was not in the city’s favor. Senior Chief Deputy City Attorney Mark Skeels said … Read more

TASSC Worldwide Assertion on the Abduction of Ugandan Human Rights Lawyer Nicholas Opiyo and Fellow Attorneys

COVID-19 Spurs New Mass Tort Litigation

WASHINGTON, December 22, 2020 / PRNewswire / – TASSC International has learned that Ugandan human rights activist Nicholas Opiyo was kidnapped today, December 22, 2020, at a restaurant in the Kamwokya area (Uganda) with a group of other human rights lawyers – Dakasi Herbert, Odur Anthony and Esomu Obure – from unidentified Ugandan security forces. … Read more

Former metropolis supervisor speaks out on legal professional’s assertion – The Advocate-Messenger

Former city manager speaks out on attorney’s statement - The Advocate-Messenger

An Advocate Messenger news report published online and in print contains a statement from Danville City attorney Stephen Dexter that is grossly inaccurate. In its report, published on November 13, 2020, it says: “Salary changes bring grievances, record requests for the city; The attorney general says the city violated the Open Files Act. “Mr. Dexter … Read more

Attorneys of Quawan Charles household launch assertion on why an Amber Alert was not issued

Attorneys of Quawan Charles family release statement on why an Amber Alert was not issued

BALDWIN, La. – Quawan Charles’s family lawyers released a statement Monday questioning why Louisiana State Police did not issue an Amber Alert when the Baldwin teenager was reported missing on October 30th. According to a statement from attorneys Ronald Haley and Chase Trichell, an Associated Press report on Friday quoted: “Louisiana State Police issuing them … Read more