Plano residence explosion: Lawyer for residence occupant speaks out

Attorney for occupant of Plano home that exploded says client

“Our client is one of the six victims in this case and he’s lying in a hospital bed fighting for his life,” said Scott J. Becker, attorney for the McCathern law firm. PLANO, Texas – Two days after a house explosion struck a neighborhood in West Plano, residents were hit with more harrowing news: Investigators … Read more

Former assistant Washington County legal professional speaks out about resigning throughout Daunte Wright case

Imran Ali.

Ali told KSTP that he believes the Potter case and other high profile officer shootings and deaths have been negatively influenced by elected officials, media, civil lawyers and activists, and these factors also played a role in his decision to step down. “It is not one side or the other, it comes from all sides … Read more

Hendry County principal’s lawyer speaks for first time about paddling controversy

Hendry County principal's attorney speaks for first time about paddling controversy

HENDRY COUNTY For the first time, we hear from a school principal’s attorney in Clewiston paddling with a child as a punishment. The video of the paddling was first brought to light by WINK News at the end of April and attracted international attention. Corporal punishment is legal in Florida, but state law leaves it … Read more

Lawyer speaks about new indictments in opposition to officers in Harding Road case

Lawyer speaks about new indictments against officers in Harding Street case

HOUSTON – A lawyer representing one of the officers charged in connection with the fatal raid on Harding Street will speak about new charges filed Monday. Lawyer Rusty Hardin has scheduled a press conference for Tuesday at 2 p.m. He is representing Houston police officer Felipe Gallegos, who was charged with murder in connection with … Read more

Craig McLachlan speaks exterior his lawyer’s workplace in Sydney

Craig McLachlan speaks outside his lawyer's office in Sydney

E-mail sent December 15, 2020 12:47:05 PM The actor was found not guilty of bringing him all seven indecent assault charges and six collective assault charges against him. Source: ABC News | Duration: 41 sec Subjects: Courts and Trials, Sexual Offenses, Sexual Misconduct, Legal Crimes and Justice, Laws, Crimes, Judges and Legal Professionals, vic, melbourne-3000

Lawyer X commissioner speaks on her concern over Nicola Gobbo scandal for the primary time

Lawyer X commissioner speaks on her concern over Nicola Gobbo scandal for the first time

The former head of the royal commission on Attorney X’s saga has confirmed concerns that there may be “more Nicola Gobbos” after Victoria Police refused to reveal 11 more files during the long-running investigation. Important points: The Victoria Police did not give the Commission access to 11 “extremely sensitive” cases Margaret McMurdo says that is … Read more

Former metropolis supervisor speaks out on legal professional’s assertion – The Advocate-Messenger

Former city manager speaks out on attorney’s statement - The Advocate-Messenger

An Advocate Messenger news report published online and in print contains a statement from Danville City attorney Stephen Dexter that is grossly inaccurate. In its report, published on November 13, 2020, it says: “Salary changes bring grievances, record requests for the city; The attorney general says the city violated the Open Files Act. “Mr. Dexter … Read more