Atlanta US lawyer Byung ‘BJay’ Pak, who give up amid Trump’s assaults, to talk to Senate Judiciary Committee

Atlanta US attorney Byung 'BJay' Pak, who quit amid Trump's attacks, to speak to Senate Judiciary Committee

The circumstances surrounding Pak’s departure are among the lingering mysteries of these chaotic events in early January. There are some indications that he was ousted from the White House for refusing to pursue the false claims of electoral fraud that were pushing Trump in Georgia as congressional confirmation of the election drew near. After Pak’s … Read more

Attorneys discuss jobs forcing staff again into workplace

Attorneys speak about jobs forcing employees back into office

Labor lawyers speak of jobs that force employees back into office Alabama lawyers say jobs may require you to return in person during the pandemic Updated: 00:52 CDT June 29, 2021 Hide transcript Show transcript THE COMPANY MAY RETURN YOU TO THE OFFICE. THE BIGGEST QUESTION ABOUT MANY FACES AT AMECARI IS, MY EMPLOYER CAN … Read more

Can’t Converse About “the [Capitol] Protest or the Issues Associated to america Authorities” –

Can’t Speak About “the [Capitol] Protest or the Matters Related to the United States Government” –

Jeremy Chisenhall (Lexington Herald Leader) reports: [Damon Michael Beckley, who was subjected to these conditions,] has been charged with unlawful entry of a restricted building and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, according to the FBI. He was filmed at the Capitol on Jan. 6, saying, “we aren’t putting up with this tyrannical rule. If we’ve … Read more

Editorial: One other name for the justices to talk to the nation

Opinion analysis: Justices allow Muslim men placed on “no fly” list to sue FBI agents for money damages

Posted Wed Jan 6th 2021 10:15 pm by Tom Goldstein Soon the Supreme Court is likely to reject several certification requests tabled by the President and his allies contesting the election. There is no legally serious challenge to state certified results. President-elect Joe Biden’s victory does not depend on the voters of a single state … Read more

Turley To Communicate at USC Legislation College on the Supreme Court docket – Thelegaltorts

Democratic Leaders Suggest A Dim Future For Biden-Related Investigations – JONATHAN TURLEY

This afternoon, I have the pleasure of joining a prestigious panel to address the University of Southern California Supreme Court Gould Law school. The event is part of the 2020 LACBA Commercial Law Section’s Virtual Institute for Management Consulting and will also include Michael J. Gerhardt from the UNC School of Law and Pamela S. … Read more

Canadian lawyer, journalist and fairness advocate to talk at digital UBCO occasion about racism within the office – Kelowna Information

Canadian lawyer, journalist and equity advocate to speak at virtual UBCO event about racism in the workplace - Kelowna News

Photo: File photo Interior Health has confirmed another positive case of COVID-19 at Kelowna Secondary School and states this case is ‘unrelated to the exposure announced earlier today, which occurred on November 12.”  In a new release sent out Sunday evening, School District 23 says the person infected was present at KSS on Nov. 9 and 10. … Read more