Regulation Agency Forces Rewrite of Social Safety Attorneys’ Payment Guidelines

Jacklyn Wille

The Social Security Agency needs to change its procedures for paying legal fees in disability pension disputes to allow payments to law firms and payments for the work of lawyers who later join the government, the First Circuit noted. The government’s request that attorney fees be paid to individual attorneys rather than law firms is … Read more

Ron Paul Posts Criticism of Censorship on Social Media Shortly Earlier than Fb Blocks Him – Thelegaltorts

Democratic Leaders Suggest A Dim Future For Biden-Related Investigations – JONATHAN TURLEY

We talked about the chilling repression against freedom of expression that has been developing in the US for years. These efforts have accelerated after the Capitol uprising, including shutdown points like Parler. The former Texas Congressman Ron Paul (85) has now been prevented from using his Facebook page for unspecified violations of “community standards”. Paul’s … Read more

Attorneys clarify social media bans don’t violate First Modification rights

Attorneys explain social media bans do not violate First Amendment rights

MIAMI – Following the siege of the U.S. Capitol, President Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter and blocked on several other social media sites. Alternative sites like Parler will also be closed, but legal experts say social media bans won’t break the first change. “It may be unwise to exclude some people from these … Read more