40 years later, Bay Space man remains to be a sexually violent predator, District Legal professional says

40 years later, Bay Area man is still a sexually violent predator, District Attorney says

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (KRON) – A Concord man who has been behind bars for 40 years is still a sexually violent predator who is likely to strike again, prosecutors said in court on Tuesday. Despite fierce objections from the sheriff and the district attorney, state prison officials are still planning to release Michael Cheek back … Read more

‘I actually don’t know who I married’: Ex-wife of James Martin, lawyer convicted of sexually assaulting purchasers, opposes parole

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SPRINGFIELD – Seemed like a hook, a ripe choice for a young professional looking for a life partner: a handsome lawyer with an easy-going sense of humor, southern manners, and an eye for family education. But James J. Martin – ultimately convicted of sexually assaulting clients in the same courthouse where he served as a … Read more

This Utah rabbi, sexually abused as a toddler, desires protection attorneys to get sensitivity coaching

This Utah rabbi, sexually abused as a child, wants defense attorneys to get sensitivity training

Rabbi Avremi Zippel had hardened himself when he took the stand to testify how his nanny had sexually abused him for a decade of his childhood. He expected her defense attorney to call him a liar and accuse him of being an attention seeker who wanted to be a #MeToo celebrity at the height of … Read more