Former US legal professional, district decide breaks down Chauvin’s sentence

Former U.S. Attorney Erica MacDonald

In May, Cahill found that the facts demonstrated four aggravating factors: chauvin abused a position of trust and authority, chauvin treated Floyd with particular cruelty, children were present when the crime was committed, and chauvin committed the crime as part of a group of three or more People. Only two of these factors were considered … Read more

Attorneys name for ‘arrest, conviction and a protracted jail sentence’ after viewing video of Andrew Brown Jr.’s demise

Attorneys call for ‘arrest, conviction and a long prison sentence’ after viewing video of Andrew Brown Jr.’s death

ELIZABETH CITY, NC (WAVY) – Andrew Brown Jr.’s family members saw more of the body camera video from the raid in which he was killed by law enforcement on Tuesday. On April 21, Pasquotank County MPs shot him dead while serving a drug charge arrest warrant. Since then, there have been daily protests in Elizabeth … Read more

Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny’s lawyer says will enchantment towards jail sentence, World Information

Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny's lawyer says will appeal against jail sentence, World News

The lawyers of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny said Tuesday they would appeal the decision of a Russian court that detained him for 3.5 years. Navalny’s attorney said the anti-corruption blogger would only serve two years and eight months in jail for the time he has been under house arrest. With the court’s decision to convert … Read more

Trey Gowdy slams probation sentence for former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith: ‘Not a single day in jail’

Trey Gowdy slams probation sentence for former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith: 'Not a single day in prison'

Trey Gowdy, moderator and former chairman of Fox News Primetime’s House Oversight Committee, criticized the verdict against former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith after pleading guilty to forging a document related to the Russia investigation. Gowdy, a former federal attorney, recalled his previous experience with FBI agents. “Any of these agents I’ve worked with would be … Read more

Maryland Excessive Courtroom Upholds 8½-Yr Sentence for Perjurious Declare of Undesirable Sexual Touching –

Maryland High Court Upholds 8½-Year Sentence for Perjurious Claim of Unwanted Sexual Touching –

Maryland Rule 8-131(c) From State v. McGagh, decided Friday by the Maryland high court (always a good excuse for showing The Court Of The Red Robe, see above): … Karen McGagh was tried … for falsely accusing Glenn Trebay [a Verizon store employee] of sexually assaulting her while patronizing a Verizon store. McGagh stated to … Read more

Prosecuting attorneys ask for 5-year jail sentence, $1.46M in restitution for Marty Tirrell

Prosecuting attorneys ask for 5-year prison sentence, $1.46M in restitution for Marty Tirrell

Tirrell pleaded guilty to a single postal fraud in December 2019. DES MOINES, Iowa – Prosecutors say former sports talk radio host Marty Tirrell was due to spend five years in jail and repay $ 1.4 million stolen from victims of sports card fraud. This is evident from new court documents. “Marty Tirrell talked sweetly … Read more

Divided courtroom reinstates Arizona inmate’s dying sentence

Divided court reinstates Arizona inmate’s death sentence

Posted on Monday December 14th, 2020 at 12:56 PM by Amy Howe The Supreme Court issued orders on Monday from the judges’ private conference last week. The judges had already approved a case from that conference on Friday that included a class certification in a securities fraud case. It was therefore not surprising that they … Read more

San Antonio lawyer who defended Brandon Bernard’s demise sentence laments execution

San Antonio attorney who defended Brandon Bernard's death sentence laments execution

A Texas man was executed Thursday after his attorneys, the trial jury, and a federal attorney defending his death sentence on appeal made one final attempt. Brandon Bernard, 40, was pronounced dead at 9:27 p.m. Bernard was convicted of the murder of a religious couple from Iowa in 1999 and made his last words to … Read more

three states to condemn Ex-Maricopa County Lawyer Paul Petersen in fraud scheme | Adoption Fraud Investigation

3 states to sentence Ex-Maricopa County Attorney Paul Petersen in fraud scheme | Adoption Fraud Investigation

PHOENIX (AP) – US attorneys in Arkansas will seek a 10-year sentence for a former Arizona politician who has confirmed the conduct of an illegal adoption program involving women from the Marshall Islands in three states. According to prosecutors, Paul Petersen defrauded the state courts, breached an international adoption treaty, and exploited mothers and adoptive … Read more