An Legal professional’s View: Social Safety failing COVID-19 lengthy haulers

An Attorney's View: Social Security failing COVID-19 long haulers

There is still a lot that we do not know about what is known as the “long COVID” or “post-COVID-19 syndrome”. As with COVID-19 itself, symptoms vary widely, from shortness of breath and fatigue to permanent kidney and heart damage. While most people recover from COVID-19 in a few days or months, long-distance drivers will … Read more

Regulation Agency Forces Rewrite of Social Safety Attorneys’ Payment Guidelines

Jacklyn Wille

The Social Security Agency needs to change its procedures for paying legal fees in disability pension disputes to allow payments to law firms and payments for the work of lawyers who later join the government, the First Circuit noted. The government’s request that attorney fees be paid to individual attorneys rather than law firms is … Read more

Hong Kong Attorneys Navigate New Authorized Terrain Below Nationwide Safety Legislation | Voice of America

Hong Kong Lawyers Navigate New Legal Terrain Under National Security Law | Voice of America

HONG KONG – The aftermath of the 12 Hong Kong activists who fled the city and were detained in mainland China continued last week. Hong Kong attorney Daniel Wong Kwok-tung was released after 40 hours in police custody. 71-year-old Wong was arrested along with ten others for allegedly helping Hong Kong activists escape the city … Read more

Hong Kong authorities arrest lawyer, 10 others beneath nationwide safety regulation

Hong Kong authorities arrest lawyer, 10 others under national security law

Hong Kong police arrested a lawyer and 10 others on Thursday on suspicion of helping 12 Hong Kong activists escape the city, media reported. The new wave of arrests comes a week after 55 activists were arrested in Hong Kong in the biggest move against the democracy movement since Beijing passed a new national security … Read more

American lawyer arrested by Hong Kong police in nationwide safety crackdown | Hong Kong

Hong Kong police arrested an American lawyer under the city’s national security law, according to multiple sources, hours after authorities arrested dozens of pro-democracy activists as part of an all-out crackdown. John Clancey, chairman of the Asian Human Rights Commission and a member of a group affiliated with democracy protesters, was arrested when police raided … Read more

Feminist Activist Sentenced To 5 Years For Endangering Nationwide Safety – Thelegaltorts

Democratic Leaders Suggest A Dim Future For Biden-Related Investigations – JONATHAN TURLEY

Saudi Arabia added to its list of human rights violations this week with the conviction of women’s rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul. I have written before about the inspiring courage and commitment of Saudi feminists, but al-Hathloul is an outstanding figure even in this group. She has fought tirelessly for simple rights like the ability to … Read more

Trump lawyer: ex-election safety chief Krebs must be ‘taken out and shot’ | US elections 2020

A former US election security chief who said Donald Trump’s loss to Joe Biden was not subject to election fraud should be “taken out and shot at dawn,” a Trump campaign lawyer said. The conviction of Joe DiGenova’s comment on Chris Krebs was quick, including demanding his lockdown and charges that he acted like a … Read more

Lawyer to sue metropolis resort after safety guard attacked, left him for useless – Nairobi Information

Lawyer to sue city hotel after security guard attacked, left him for dead – Nairobi News

November 7, 2020 is a day that will forever be remembered by Nairobi-based attorney John Diro. On that fateful day, the former Nairobi County Assembly attorney deceived death by mustache after being assaulted by a security guard at a hotel in Embakasi, Nairobi. It was a few minutes after 6:30 p.m. when he was walking … Read more

Safety Guard Hits UT-Battelle with Lawsuit, Alleging Violations of Spiritual Freedoms

Cross Necklace

An employee at Oak Ridge National Laboratory recently filed a lawsuit against the company over allegations that its religious freedoms are being violated. An Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) employee recently filed a lawsuit against the company on charges that his supervisors “forced him to remove a cross, the symbol of his Christian faith, from … Read more