Seattle Metropolis Lawyer Pete Holmes in a decent major race

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes in a tight primary race

SEATTLE – Seattle City Attorney’s incumbent Pete Holmes is currently in a close race for the November general election. After a first ballot count on Tuesday evening, Ann Davison led with 35% of the vote. Holmes followed Davison with 33% of the vote. Nicole Thomas-Kennedy followed Holmes with 32% of the vote. The two top … Read more

Seattle Metropolis Lawyer releases prolific offender, practically kills man hours later

Seattle City Attorney releases prolific offender, nearly kills man hours later

Seattle city attorney Pete Holmes doesn’t like putting criminals in jail. (AP File Photo / Elaine Thompson) The Seattle Attorney’s office Pete Holmes released a prolific offender after an arrest without charge. This suspect nearly kicked another man to death a few hours later with kicks that were “so powerful and loud” that a witness … Read more