How Biden Can Terminate Trump’s Border Wall Undertaking – And Save Cash and Defend Property Rights within the Course of –

How Biden Can Terminate Trump’s Border Wall Project – And Save Money and Protect Property Rights in the Process –

One of the most important projects of the Trump era was an attempt to build a wall on the US’s southern border with Mexico. To accomplish this goal, Trump declared a “national emergency” and used that statement and other legally dubious tactics to divert funds for wall construction that Congress refused to support. President-elect Joe … Read more

Will Pot Save The President? Michigan Decide Orders Forensic Investigation of Roughly Two Dozen Dominion Voting Machines – Thelegaltorts

Democratic Leaders Suggest A Dim Future For Biden-Related Investigations – JONATHAN TURLEY

The Trump campaign finally overcame one of its challenges yesterday as it was given a judicial access order and forensic examination of around two dozen Dominion voting machines. The machines are located in rural Antrim County, where President-elect Joe Biden was initially given around 6,000 votes, which were then corrected and tabulated in favor of … Read more

NJ Site visitors Factors – How To Battle Again & Save Loopy Cash

NJ Traffic Points - How To Fight Back & Save Crazy Money

The state of New Jersey generates hundreds of millions of dollars in traffic violations fees and fines every year. Your insurance company will also increase your premium. That way you pay at both ends. The best way to fight back and save crazy money is through Reason for negotiation. Of course you can represent yourself … Read more