Public security laws would shield gang members, district attorneys say

Public safety legislation would protect gang members, district attorneys say

Bill is referred to as “The Gang Member Protection Act of 2021” by law enforcement officials across California – The California District Attorneys Association (CDAA) warns Californians of “dangerous legislation” to be voted in the state parliament following a bad faith move by the draftsman. Just as the state is stumbling from a dramatic increase … Read more

FBI Seizes 800 Beverly Hills Security Deposit Bins With $86M, Attorneys Declare Fed’s Raid ‘Unconstitutional’ – Bitcoin Information

FBI Seizes 800 Beverly Hills' Safety Deposit Boxes With $86M, Attorney's Claim Feds Raid 'Unconstitutional'

The Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) is under fire for an allegedly unconstitutional seizure of 800 lockers in Beverly Hills. The FBI reportedly seized $ 86 million in cash, jewelry, and thousands of gold and silver bars. Crate owners and their attorneys are calling federal law enforcement agencies because they don’t have sufficient evidence that the … Read more

Hagens Berman, Nationwide Trial Attorneys, Continues Penumbra (PEN) Investigation After Product Security Announcement, Encourages Traders to Contact its Attorneys Now

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TipRanks Wells Fargo: 3 shares of chip to buy en route into 2021 Semiconductors are one of the most important industries in the modern world, enabling so much of what we rely on or what we take for granted: Internet access, high-speed computers with high-speed memory, even the thermostats that control our air conditioning – … Read more

PUBLIC RECORD: McLeod County Legal professional’s Workplace | Public Security

PUBLIC RECORD: McLeod County Attorney's Office | Public Safety

The McLeod County Attorney’s Office reported the following: Jacob Aagaard, 18, of Shorewood, made an admission of guilt for a crime in possession of a controlled substance for a crime on or about July 2, 2020. Judge Donley retained the verdict and placed the defendant on probation for three years. The terms of parole are … Read more