Regulation Agency Forces Rewrite of Social Safety Attorneys’ Payment Guidelines

Jacklyn Wille

The Social Security Agency needs to change its procedures for paying legal fees in disability pension disputes to allow payments to law firms and payments for the work of lawyers who later join the government, the First Circuit noted. The government’s request that attorney fees be paid to individual attorneys rather than law firms is … Read more

California’s district attorneys sue over jail good conduct guidelines that might grant early releases

California’s district attorneys sue over prison good conduct rules that could grant early releases

Three-quarters of California prosecutors sued the state Wednesday for blocking emergency rules that could expand good behavior credits and potentially bring earlier releases for tens of thousands of inmates. The lawsuit is being challenged on procedural grounds, arguing that Corrections Secretary Kathleen Allison used the emergency statement to bypass the usual regulatory and public comment … Read more

DOJ rescinds ‘Zero Tolerance’ immigration guidelines, immigration lawyer weighs on what this might imply

DOJ rescinds ‘Zero Tolerance’ immigration rules, immigration attorney weighs on what this could mean

Harlingen, Texas (KVEO) – President Joe Biden has been quick to drive policy changes, particularly immigration. Last week, the Justice Department ended the Trump-era zero-tolerance immigration policy, which allowed the U.S. government to separate thousands of children from their parents. Stimulus Checks: The GOP plan includes $ 1,000 stimulus checks that expire at $ 40,000 … Read more

California’s Coronavirus Guidelines Hold Altering, Lawsuits Filed –

California's Coronavirus Rules Keep Changing, Lawsuits Filed

California’s businesses are grappling with the state’s ever-changing COVID guidelines. Various California companies have joined the fight against the governor’s ban on outdoor dining. The Pineapple Saloon, a restaurant in Sherman Oaks, went viral after the owner posted a video of a Hollywood production team setting up catering just yards from her while her restaurant … Read more

Case preview: Conflict over media possession guidelines arrives on the court docket

Case preview: Justices to consider effect of change in government policy on cases seeking symbolic damages

On Tuesday the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in the latest chapter of a long-running battle between the Federal Communications Commission and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit over the FCC’s efforts to deregulate media ownership. Although the case is a technical one, the court’s eventual ruling could affect who owns … Read more

Attorneys are already skirmishing over Parnell Feb. 24 listening to guidelines

Attorneys are already skirmishing over Parnell Feb. 24 hearing rules

More than two months before the evidence hearing on Stewart Parnell’s motion to have his conviction overturned and convicted, his appellate attorneys and the government dispute the ground rules. On December 7, the government asked the court to “set a reasonable time limit for the parties to exchange lists of exhibitions and witnesses. . . … Read more

Maine’s public protection company acknowledges it didn’t implement guidelines on lawyer {qualifications}

Maine’s public defense agency acknowledges it didn’t enforce rules on attorney qualifications

Maine hat keine Regeln durchgesetzt, die das Mindestmaß an Erfahrung vorschreiben, das Anwälte haben müssen, bevor sie Eltern vertreten, bei denen das Risiko besteht, dass sie das Sorgerecht für ihre Kinder verlieren, gab die staatliche Verteidigungsbehörde am Montag, den 21. Dezember, zu. Die Diskussion über einen Vorschlag, der tiefgreifende Änderungen an den Qualifikationen der Anwälte … Read more

New AIA Guidelines Implement Looking Titan and Protect a Twin Position for the PTAB

New AIA Rules Implement Hunting Titan and Preserve a Dual Role for the PTAB

On December 21, 2020, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published final rules in the Federal Register and set the decision in Hunting Titan, Inc. v Dynaenergetics Europe GMBH as follows regarding amendments in the Interpartes Review (IPR) and about Post-Grant Review (PGR) procedures: The patent proprietor bears the burden of convincing the majority of … Read more

Attorneys reply after state’s highest courtroom guidelines in opposition to watermen on contaminated oysterbeds

Attorneys respond after state’s highest court rules against watermen on contaminated oysterbeds

SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – The The Virginia Supreme Court ruled against a Suffolk Aquarius Who claimed the Hampton Roads Sanitation District and the city of Suffolk dumped raw sewage into the Nansemond River and damaged its oyster beds. Court ruled oyster man Robert Johnson is not eligible for compensation because his oyster leases do not … Read more

Opinion evaluation: Courtroom throws out problem to Delaware guidelines on bipartisanship in judiciary

Opinion analysis: Court throws out challenge to Delaware rules on bipartisanship in judiciary

Posted Thu, Dec 10th 2020 2:00 pm by Amy Howe The Supreme Court on Thursday challenged a constitutional provision in Delaware that appointments to the main courts in the state must reflect a political balance. The judges agreed that John Adams, the Delaware attorney denying the requirement, does not have a legal right of action … Read more