Lawyer takes his rival’s household’s case after he dies, one other rioter arrested, the Stafford’s $1M pledge

Attorney takes his rival's family's case after he dies, another rioter arrested, the Stafford's $1M pledge

FRIDAY NEWS HIT – – Arnold E. Reed faced Cliff Woodard in the courthouse for more than 15 years. Before becoming friends, they were rival lawyers who met in front of judges many times to discuss their case. “Actually we were opponents in one case and he pushed me further and I called one of … Read more

Crew of rivals: Macon County’s new state’s lawyer hires his challenger | Authorities & Politics

Team of rivals: Macon County's new state's attorney hires his challenger | Government & Politics

“You know, I don’t remember ever seeing anything like this anywhere else,” she said. “But I really think, to be honest, if you have two people who have respect for each other and an appreciation for the work being done, we need to see this happen more often.” Support local journalism Your membership enables our … Read more