A number of state attorneys basic condemn lethal Capitol riots in letter to U.S. lawyer basic

Several state attorneys general condemn deadly Capitol riots in letter to U.S. attorney general

In a letter to incumbent Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, the country’s attorney general condemned last week’s deadly riot in the U.S. Capitol. The attorney general of every state – except Texas, Indiana, Louisiana, and Montana – joined the bipartisan coalition representing states, territories, and the District of Columbia and signed the letter. Prosecutors General from … Read more

Native Lawyer Reacts to D.C. Riots | WUTR/WFXV

Local Lawyer Reacts to D.C. Riots | WUTR/WFXV

UTICA, NY (WUTR-TV) – What started as a political rally ended with a riot on Capitol Hill. Thousands of supporters left a rally with President Trump on Wednesday, then physically broke into the Captiol building and assaulted police officers. After breaking into the building and attacking police officers. At least 5 people have died, including … Read more

Delhi riots victims, attorneys allege police strain to drop instances | Battle Information

Delhi riots victims, lawyers allege police pressure to drop cases | Conflict News

New Delhi, India – Lawyers, activists and victims of anti-Muslim violence in the Indian capital last year have accused the authorities and police of sabotaging the investigation and pressuring them to withdraw. The office of a prominent lawyer fighting the cases of some victims of the violence in February 2020 was raided in New Delhi … Read more