Maricopa County Legal professional asks retired Decide Roland Steinle to evaluate harsh charging by prosecutors

Maricopa County Attorney asks retired Judge Roland Steinle to review harsh charging by prosecutors

A retired judge will conduct an outside review of a case in which 15 demonstrators were charged as members of a street criminal gang, Maricopa County Prosecutor’s Office said. Retired Maricopa County Supreme Court Justice Roland Steinle has been asked to review the office’s procedures “when making fee decisions in cases of community interest or … Read more

Wrongfully Accused Former Inmate Sues Retired Officer

Wrongfully Accused Former Inmate Sues Retired Officer

The retired officer was charged with bribing witnesses to give false testimony that led to an unlawful conviction. Darren Rogers, father of three, spent fourteen months behind bars for murder before charges were dropped. Now he is filing a malicious prosecution lawsuit in the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court, stating that retired detective John Komorowski pressured … Read more

Deadly capturing of retired SC legal professional stuns small city; son stays in custody | Information

Fatal shooting of retired SC attorney stuns small town; son remains in custody | News

ST. GEORGE – For more than a week, people living in and around this small town have struggled to understand the New Years Day murder of a highly regarded former attorney while he was sleeping in his home. Even more puzzling to them is who, according to the police, shot him: his son. Jim Bell, … Read more

four attorneys in search of to happen of longtime Lincoln choose who retired in October | Crime and Courts

4 attorneys seeking to take place of longtime Lincoln judge who retired in October | Crime and Courts

Four attorneys – Stephanie Hupp, Ryan Post, and Bradley Sipp of Lincoln, and Daniel Zieg of Bennet – have filed motions to replace a Lancaster County judge who retired in October. Two are private lawyers in Lincoln, Hupp works at McHenry Haszard Roth Hupp Burkholder Blomenberg & Camplin; and Sipp at Bradley A. Sipp. Post … Read more

Retired lawyer has plans for riverfront tractor shed | Information

Retired lawyer has plans for riverfront tractor shed | News

A shed that will house once protected tractors in the future if retired attorney Joe Burroughs’ plans come true. As part of several land transfers along the Conway riverside, Burroughs and his wife Nancy, owners of 104 Laurel, received the tractor shed that previously belonged to the Burroughs Company. The City of Conway received the … Read more