Attorneys search launch of GPD movies displaying earlier use of restraint that killed Marcus Smith | Information

Attorneys seek release of GPD videos showing previous use of restraint that killed Marcus Smith | News

On January 15, attorneys representing Marcus Deon Smith’s family filed a motion to compel Greensboro City to post Body-Worn Camera (BWC) videos of previous cases by Greensboro police officers using the type of restraint with which Smith was killed. The letter accompanying this request states that several officials named as defendants in the Smith family’s … Read more

Federal Decide Tosses Apart Judicial Restraint In Public Interview – Thelegaltorts

Federal Judge Tosses Aside Judicial Restraint In Public Interview – JONATHAN TURLEY

President Donald Trump has been criticized by Democrats and Republicans alike for his recent pardon, including corrupt ex-Congressmen and the father of Jared Kushner. I was one of those people who immediately criticized these pardons as manifestly unjustified and harmful to our legal system. However, none of this makes the comments made by senior U.S. … Read more