Sure, Congress Could Impeach and Take away President Trump for Inciting Lawless Conduct on the Capitol –

Yes, Congress May Impeach and Remove President Trump for Inciting Lawless Behavior at the Capitol –

I would like to provide a quick reply to the post of my co-blogger Joshua Blackman and Seth Tillman, in which he argues that Congress cannot indict and remove President Trump for inciting his remarks on Jan. 6 before and during the election count in Congress . I think this assertion is wrong because of … Read more

Choose refuses to take away Randy Riley’s lawyer from homicide trial

Judge refuses to remove Randy Riley's lawyer from murder trial

Randy Riley is allowed to keep his attorney for his second trial for second degree murder in the decade-long murder of a man in Dartmouth, NS The Crown had taken the most unusual step of removing Trevor McGuigan from the case. In a ruling on Thursday morning, Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Denise Boudreau ruled … Read more

Democrats Threaten Retaliatory Actions To Add Or Take away Justices On A “Courtroom Out Of Whack” – Thelegaltorts

The Supreme Court Bars Cuomo’s Pandemic Limits On Houses of Worship – JONATHAN TURLEY

Below is my column in The Hill on calling Justice Amy Coney Barrett to apologize or be charged. The call to decline indicates demands and threats that are becoming more awkward by the day. Regardless of whether judges are added or charged, Democrats give in to the same 30 percent of angry and increasingly irrational … Read more