Ted Cruz’s Horrible Case for Preserving out Hong Kong Refugees –

Ted Cruz’s Terrible Case for Keeping out Hong Kong Refugees –

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas). On Friday, GOP Senator Ted Cruz blocked a bipartisan law that would have granted Hong Kong residents political asylum after they fled China’s increasingly oppressive rule. Primary writer Eric Boehm has an excellent article criticizing Cruz’s lame reasoning for his actions. Among other things, he points out that the same theory … Read more

Implementing my Pledge to Donate Royalty Funds to Charities Benefiting Refugees –

Implementing my Pledge to Donate Royalty Payments to Charities Benefiting Refugees –

Back in January, I promised to donate 50% of all license fees generated by my book Free to Move: Foot vote, migration, and political freedom to charities that benefit refugees. Today is Giving Tuesday, so it’s a good time for me to keep my promise. Oxford University Press says we’ve sold around 1,100 copies of … Read more