Calif. Bars the Calculation of Tort Damages Based mostly on Race, Gender and Ethnicity

Nora Freeman Engstrom(left) and Robert L. Rabin(right) professors with Stanford Law School.

Professors Nora Freeman Engstrom (left) and Robert L. Rabin (right) at Stanford Law School. California has long been a leader in tort law. In the 1963 Greenman v Yuba Power Products case, the state broke new ground by imposing strict liability on manufacturers for defective products, an approach quickly adopted by the Second Restatement of … Read more

Election recount ongoing for district lawyer’s race | Information

Election recount ongoing for district attorney’s race | News

The race for the 13th district attorney is automatically counted with just 136 votes. When the state announced the election results on Tuesday, November 24, Republican Joshua Jimenez had 56,428 votes compared to Democrat Barbara Romo’s 56,564 votes. Since the total is within half a percentage point, the race is automatically counted according to state … Read more

Ferrari Loses Race for 250 GTO Trademark: Dangers Arising From Non-Use of Registered Logos

A gavel and a law book - European union

Often referred to as the world’s most expensive car, the Ferrari 250 GTO was originally introduced by Ferrari in 1962. Between 1962 and 1964, only 36 models of the 250 GTO were exclusively produced. The fact that every Enzo Ferrari buyer had to be personally approved only added to the exclusivity of this particular car … Read more