College students Are Dealing with Trials Or Removals Over Political Views – Thelegaltorts

Students Are Facing Trials Or Removals Over Political Views – JONATHAN TURLEY

In his dissent in Olmstead versus United States, 277 US 438 (1928), Justice Louis Brandeis famously wrote: “Our government is the powerful, omnipresent teacher. For better or for worse, it teaches all the people by example. “While this observation concerns government criminal misconduct, it seems particularly appropriate today in our locations where impeachments and deportations … Read more

Lawsuit Says Arkansas Legal professional Common Rutledge Misused Taxpayer Funds for Political, Private Achieve

Lawsuit Says Arkansas Attorney General Rutledge Misused Taxpayer Funds for Political, Personal Gain

AG Rutledge allegedly used their participation in pro-Trump lawsuits to raise funds for an intended gubernatorial campaign. A group of Arkansas residents filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. In the complaint, Rutledge is accused of misusing taxpayers’ money, diverting public funds into her re-election campaign, and trying to bolster support for outgoing US … Read more

Political patronage writ giant: Irani’s lawyer on case filed by shooter – india information

Vartika Singh has moved a court in Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh accusing Irani and two others of demanding money to make her a member of the central women’s commission, days after she was herself named in a police complaint.

Union Minister Smriti Irani’s legal advisor, Kirat Nagra, said Saturday that the case brought against her by shooter Vartika Singh was based on “the most bizarre and mischievous untruths” and that “political patronage” is a priority in the matter. Nagra said the case is a concerted effort to discredit and defame the minister and she … Read more

Biden Declares Hunter Investigation Simply Extra “Foul Play” By Political Operatives – Thelegaltorts

Democratic Leaders Suggest A Dim Future For Biden-Related Investigations – JONATHAN TURLEY

We had the latest news Thursday night: Joe Biden is proud of his son Hunter. Following a pre-election blackout of the Hunter-Biden scandal, it often seems like the media is struggling to create the appearance of coverage without actually asking questions that could be detrimental to the president-elect. This view of many was reiterated in … Read more