Immigration legal professional expresses concern on doable reinstatement of ‘Stay in Mexico’ coverage

Immigration attorney expresses concern on possible reinstatement of ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

The dispute over where asylum seekers should wait for their cases continues. The US Supreme Court ruled on Friday to temporarily block a lower court ruling that would have reinstated the “stay in Mexico” policy implemented by former President Donald Trump. The directive requires that migrants seeking asylum in the US wait in Mexico for … Read more

The place the Legislation of Immovable Property Met Jurisprudence: Memuna Moudy v Antwi and the Use of Public Coverage When Opposed Possession in Compulsorily Acquired Property is Involved

Nana Kweku Apraku Agyepong

Abstract Everybody loves the story of the victim, or at least a majority of us. This feature of humans, fueled the backlash that followed the decision in Memuna Moudy v Antwi. People believed that it was unfair for the court to deny people who had been on land for decades, the right to use the … Read more

Argument evaluation: Justices weigh mootness after change in authorities coverage in circumstances in search of nominal damages

Justices issue more orders from Friday’s conference, decline to fast-track election-related cases

The Supreme Court heard a hearing on Tuesday in the case of a Georgia student who was prevented from distributing religious literature and speaking about his beliefs on his public college campus. The student, Chike Uzuegbunam, argued that the college’s guidelines violated the first change, but shortly after the lawsuit was filed, the college changed … Read more

Case preview: Justices to contemplate impact of change in authorities coverage on instances in search of symbolic damages

Case preview: Justices to consider effect of change in government policy on cases seeking symbolic damages

Der Oberste Gerichtshof wird am Dienstag eine mündliche Verhandlung in einem Fall führen, in dem in Frage gestellt wird, ob eine Klage, die nur symbolischen Schadenersatz fordert, fortgesetzt werden kann, nachdem die Regierung die angefochtene verfassungswidrige Politik geändert hat, oder ob der Fall stattdessen strittig ist – das heißt, keine lebende Kontroverse mehr. Das Problem … Read more

Symposium: Trump’s census coverage is each essentially honest and legally sound

Symposium: Espinoza, funding of religious service providers, and religious freedom

This article is part of a symposium previewing Trump versus New York. Hans von Spakovsky is a Senior Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation’s Institute for Constitutional Government and manager of Heritage’s electoral reform initiative. In the Trump v New York case, the Supreme Court should only deal with the constitutional and legal issues: whether … Read more