U.S. Lawyer Peter Strasser requested to resign by Feb. 28; this is who would possibly change him | Crime/Police

U.S. Attorney Peter Strasser asked to resign by Feb. 28; here's who might replace him | Crime/Police

US attorney Peter Strasser said Tuesday that Justice Department officials have requested his resignation effective February 28. The decision was awaited, and the Biden administration stood ready to sack almost all remaining US Justice Department leaders appointed by President Donald Trump. Strasser, who was sworn into office in September 2018, appears to be part of … Read more

Peter Dutton to be requested to fund lawyer for asylum seeker’s medevac problem | Australian immigration and asylum

Home Secretary Peter Dutton is being asked to fund a senior lawyer for an asylum seeker whose trial could result in the release of more than 100 other people detained under medical evacuation laws. The federal court’s full bank on Friday ordered Dutton’s lawyers to seek ministerial approval to fund the lawyer for Iranian asylum … Read more

Attorneys declare delay in Peter Nygard’s bail listening to places his life in danger

Lawyers claim delay in Peter Nygard's bail hearing puts his life at risk

WINNIPEG – A Manitoba judge has postponed Peter Nygard’s bail – a move Nygard’s attorneys claim is playing Russian roulette with his health in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak in Manitoba prisons. The bail hearing comes after Nygard was arrested by RCMP officers on December 14 in Winnipeg. He was arrested under Section 13 … Read more

U.S. Legal professional Peter McCoy urges public to be cautious of coronavirus vaccine scams | Opinion

U.S. Attorney Peter McCoy urges public to be wary of coronavirus vaccine scams | Opinion

With the coronavirus vaccine spread across the country, United States attorney Peter M. McCoy Jr. is warning South Carolinians to be on high alert if scammers attempt to take advantage of the pandemic. “Every South Carolinian should be extra careful if they have seen COVID-19-related shipping, vendor, commercial, phishing and even charity fraud related to … Read more