Grasp Hearth for Revised Steerage on Modifications to VAT and Early Termination Funds

Hang Fire for Revised Guidance on Changes to VAT and Early Termination Payments

This blog is a continuation of our recent blogs on the controversial VAT and early termination changes by HMRC, as well as VAT on Intellectual Property Settlement Compensation. As mentioned earlier, the retrospective nature of the changes and the resulting risk of voiding historical settlement payments raised a number of questions. This has now led … Read more

Implementing my Pledge to Donate Royalty Funds to Charities Benefiting Refugees –

Implementing my Pledge to Donate Royalty Payments to Charities Benefiting Refugees –

Back in January, I promised to donate 50% of all license fees generated by my book Free to Move: Foot vote, migration, and political freedom to charities that benefit refugees. Today is Giving Tuesday, so it’s a good time for me to keep my promise. Oxford University Press says we’ve sold around 1,100 copies of … Read more

VAT on Compensation Funds in Mental Property Settlements

VAT on Compensation Payments in Intellectual Property Settlements

This blog is a continuation of our recent blog on HMRC’s surprising changes in VAT and early termination payments. As mentioned earlier, the updated guidelines from the HMRC are proving extremely controversial. What happened? People are unhappy because the updated guidelines treat termination payments (including for breach or withdrawal or under flat-rate indemnity clauses) as … Read more