Oregon Hashish: What’s My Partial Marijuana Dispensary Possession Curiosity Value? (Half 2)

Oregon Cannabis: What is My Partial Marijuana Dispensary Ownership Interest Worth? (Part 2)

A few weeks ago, I wrote about issues with valuing partial ownership interests in a marijuana dispensary. (Of course, these also apply to other companies). This post focused on how the entity choice chosen at formation can affect later value determinations. By and large, valuation problems can arise when a majority owner tries to buy … Read more

California, Hashish and Telehealth: Half 2

California, Cannabis and Telehealth: Part I

In my last post in this two-part series, I specifically focused on California’s current relationship with telemedicine and cannabis. Undoubtedly, doctors are free to recommend medical cannabis to qualified patients via telehealth platforms, apps and technologies, provided the doctor follows Prop. 215 as well as telehealth laws and regulations. This post details the legality of … Read more

Hashish and Ballots, Half 1: Ecuador

Cannabis and Ballots, Part 1: Ecuador

Five Latin American nations will hold presidential elections in 2021, and two more will hold parliamentary elections. Most of these competitions will have an impact on cannabis policy, and we will examine what every vote is about, starting with Ecuador voting for a new president and legislature next Sunday, February 7th, for a new president … Read more

California, Hashish and Telehealth: Half I

California, Cannabis and Telehealth: Part I

The relief companies that provide goods and services for the cannabis industry are legion. From equipment, real estate, legal services and technology to packaging, labeling, intellectual property, hardware and apparel, the list of options abound in the cannabis-related ancillary sector is basically endless. One of the cooler side areas that doesn’t have much to offer … Read more



January 16, 2021, 11:15 a.m. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for Oregon District is part of a group of agencies working to stop potential violence in the state. US attorney Billy J. Williams said, “Like most Americans, I watched in disgust and anger as radical insurgents stormed the US Capitol in a shocking demonstration of political … Read more

Proper of being represented by lawyer is a part of due course of clause, says Supreme Court docket

Right of being represented through lawyer is part of due process clause, says Supreme Court

New Delhi: The right to be represented by a lawyer is part of the “due process clause,” the Supreme Court said as it overturned the Allahabad High Court order, one of a man in a murder case 1987 appeal dismissed, stating that his attorney had not appeared at the hearing. The Apex Court, which restored … Read more

Main Legal professionals Share Secrets and techniques to Enterprise Growth for Girls, Half II

Leading Lawyers Share Secrets to Business Development for Women, Part II

Resources CLE Center Legal Compass Events Webcasts Law Jobs Professional Announcements Premium subscription This subscription gives you unrestricted access to high quality online premium content on-demand from prestigious law faculties. This is ideal for attorneys licensed in multiple jurisdictions or attorneys who have met their CLE requirements but need to access resourceful information related to … Read more

Billion-Greenback Opioid Chapter: Purdue Pharma Information for Chapter 11 as A part of Settlement

Billion-Dollar Opioid Bankruptcy: Purdue Pharma Files for Chapter 11 as Part of Settlement

Purdue Pharma, which made $ 3 billion selling drugs like the opioid oxycontin in 2017 alone, will file for bankruptcy under a possible settlement that covers hundreds of lawsuits against the company. The announcement also comes on allegations that the Sackler family – who own Purdue – used Swiss bank accounts to transfer $ 1 … Read more

Ketamine, Psilcobyin and New Drug Therapies (Half 2): The Webinar Video Replay

Psychedelic Webinar

Beijing Beijing Deshengde Consulting Co. Ltd. *Suite 301Lee World buildingNo. 57, Xing Fu Cun Zhong LuChaoyang District, Beijing, PRC 100027 Tel .: +86 138 1108 3546 map team Mexico City Av. Paseo de la Reforma # 250Colonia Juárez, Office of the Mayor of CuauhtémocMexico City, CP 06600 Tel .: +52 (55) 3600 7140 … Read more