State’s Lawyer: Regular Police Officers ‘Justified,’ ‘Heroic’ In Deadly Capturing At Cellular House Park

State's Attorney: Normal Police Officers 'Justified,' 'Heroic' In Fatal Shooting At Mobile Home Park

McLean County Attorney Don Knapp said Friday that three ordinary police officers were justified when they fatally shot and killed a shooter during a “rampage,” killing two others and injuring three. The Illinois State Police released police camera footage of the Aug. 30 incident at the Landings RV park, north of Normal, on Friday. Ordinary … Read more

The Lafayette Park Protests And The Revision Of Historical past – Thelegaltorts

The Lafayette Park Protests And The Revision Of History – JONATHAN TURLEY

One of the most troubling aspects of the past four years has been the deliberate effort to rewrite history in the media to fit a narrative, either by denying facts or repeating clearly false statements. The recent stories of the uprising in Congress are a good example. Most of us denounced Trump’s speech (as it … Read more